Measuring the Biggest Kentucky Buck Ever

Here’s a photo from last summer (2016) when we were measuring one of our breeder bucks. He was 40.5 inches wide and scored 516 5/8″, making him the largest whitetail buck in Kentucky, ever…just wait until you see what he grew this year!

biggest buck ever in kentucky


Trophy Whitetail Hunts in Kentucky Available Now: Summer Growth Report

Hey everyone! Summer’s flying by and it won’t be long until velvet starts shedding and leaves start turning. Our bucks are putting on inches daily, and we’re so excited for our inaugural season here at Woodard Whitetails of Kentucky! Here are some recent photos we took of a few of our bucks. Please contact us if you’re interested in booking a hunt for this fall!

guaranteed trophy whitetail hunt kentucky


kentucky guided whitetail hunt