Woodard Whitetails of Kentucky is a 200+ acre, high fence whitetail deer hunting preserve. Some would refer to this as a deer ranch or a deer farm. Our huntable bucks range from 150” to over 500”! The landscape is rugged and diverse with oaks, hickory, native grasses, farmland, and food plots.

A Great Weekend Kentucky Trophy Deer Hunt!

Need something to do this weekend? Our hunts are typically 3 days, 2 nights in length and include all meals and lodging. Our new lodge is handicap accessible and is truly a warm, inviting atmosphere. We can handle large corporate groups or small gatherings of family and friends. Their is a shooting range available on-site for checking your weapons, and plenty of room to relax around our decks, our game room, great room, and more.

There is no closed season on our deer preserve, but hunts generally start in September and conclude in January. Exceptions can be made if you’re looking for a velvet trophy! A hunting license is not required.

Hunting Policy

Hunts are 3 days, 2 nights. All hunters must abide by the rules set forth by Woodard Whitetails of Kentucky, including, but not limited to:

  • Every hunter must demonstrate proficiency with their weapon before being allowed to hunt.
  • If you draw blood on any buck, you will be charged same as a kill. Every effort will be made to recover a wounded deer. If we’re unable to recover your deer during your hunt and we find it later on in the year, we will make arrangements to ship or deliver you the antlers.

Guaranteed Opportunity Deer Hunt, No Opportunity No Pay!

  • Relax, our high fence whitetail hunts are 100% guaranteed to give you the opportunity at the buck of a lifetime! If you do not get the opportunity to kill the caliber of buck you desire, you will be invited to return for another hunt at no extra cost.
  • You must receive permission from your guide prior to taking any shot. If you want to shoot a buck larger than your original plan, you are welcome to upgrade at any time!
  • Alcohol consumption of any kind prior to the day’s hunt is absolutely prohibited. You may drink alcohol after evening hunts or after you have harvested your buck.
  • All hunters must sign private hunting agreement paperwork.

Giant Bucks and Great Weather!

Central Kentucky won’t be as cold as the north nor as hot as the south…perfect hunting weather! Here’s a look at the average temperatures to expect when you hunt with Woodard Whitetails:

  • September: 83°/58° (avg daily high/low in °F)
  • October: 72°/46°
  • November: 60°/38°
  • December: 50°/30°
  • January: 46°/26°

What to Bring

  • Rifle, not less than .223 caliber, zeroed at 100 yards
  • Ammo, optics, rangefinder
  • Hunting clothing appropriate for anticipated weather
  • Personal items

Payment Policy

Booking a hunt requires a $1,000 deposit per hunter. Your total balance will be based on the SCI score of the buck and is due upon harvest. You may bring additional guests at $100/day per guest.

At Woodard Whitetails of Kentucky, your hunt price is based on the size of the buck you desire to harvest. Your guide must give you permission to shoot prior to shooting. Bucks will be scored via the SCI scoring system, and your final price will be determined by its score or by what the guide judged it to be, whichever is lower.